The mysticism of Tulum, the passion for design and the desire to create, inspired us to establish our fashion brand, open a beach boutique and to produce custom made jewelry,  accessories and home goods.

Tulum gave us a home and an opportunity to develop our ideas. Mr. blackbird is a reflection of our own style and the result of opening our souls to the world.


Since we opened our doors in 2012, we design together with local artisans.

Our philosophy is simple – to protect and develop genuine creativity and traditional handicrafts.

Our production is small and limited, because we want our pieces to be as unique as the people who are going to wear it.

Each piece is handmade and holds special significance.

The authenticity and passion of those one-of-kind artisans is reflected in their art.

We love art ! It describes the world where it is made.

Our creations celebrate simplicity and embody the ethos of Tulum.


Vowing to return to nature, celebrate simplicity and embody the ethos of Tulum, paved the road to the eclectic-sophisticated chic style which mr. blackbird offers.

 Our locally handmade jewelry and accessories seamlessly reflect the true essence of  “Tulum style” and speak to people with diverse backround in every sense.

With carefully chosen gemstones from our travels around the wold, every piece is unique and tells a story with a distinctive meaning and energy.

The in-house designs and own production of jewelry specializes in copper. Copper was for us an unexpected discovery that gave rise to our signature formula.


The first stand-alone boutique was opened in early 2012, nestled in a charming cabana along the enchanting beach road in Tulum. We designed our interior space to convey the essence and rustic simplicity of Tulum that originally captivated us.

With interior elements composed of found driftwood, white sand floor and aroma of Copal, the shop became an extension of the beach.

The experience of shopping and the atmosphere of the store shows precisely what Tulum is about.

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