mr. blackbird For Animals

Mr.blackbird for animals is our non profit on a side project. We feel a deep love and connection with nature and animals. We are concern about the actual situation all around the world, where our beautiful mother nature is being plundered and devastated, animals are being abused, tortured and killed in a senseless no precedent way, oceans and seas are polluted because of our plastic disposable way of living. This is the result of Humans unconscious way of living in the last decades. We believe the change is possible and each of us has the power to be a part of it.

"Let us develop respect for all living things. Let us try to replace violence and intolerance with understanding, compasión and love."

- Jane Goodall -

This is what we are doing:

- We love animals. Animals are an integral part of this beautiful planet, just as we humans. We want to live with them in harmony and help those in need. That's why we have a special line of products dedicated to help animals. Profits from the sale are donated to nonprofit organizations dedicated to protect wildlife and their natural habitat.

- We are rescuing, rehabilitating and finding permanent homes for Tulum’s street animals,

- We are organizing and finacially supporting recycling programms and Beach cleanings here in Tulum,

- We are donating part of our profit to non profit organization to help to save the rainforest and animals endangered on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia,

- We are donating part of our profit to non profit organizations in Africa for: antipoaching programms, wildanimals rescue and rehabilitation,

- We are creating together with our friends and artists, products where 100% of the profit is donated for these non profit organizations.

Your purchase count. Thank you.

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